Equipment Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Downtime Analysis

Line Comparison Analysis

Job Car Generation

Spares and Critical Spares Control

Historical Data

Comprehensive Reporting & Statistical Graphical Analysis

OEE/OAE & TEEP Graphical Reporting

With MTsys maintenance managers can reduce un-planned downtime, improve staff performance, improve control over spare parts inventory, produce detailed cost, productivity and efficiency reports, providing an efficiently managed maintenance function.

MTsys includes a stock inventory management system for control of spares from purchase order through to receiving and issuing against job card numbers. All of these activities are integrated into a fully functional storeroom control system.

MTsys caters for consequential downtime and allows the user to set-up line flow details with separate formulas for individual machines completing a line.

MTsys supports several types of maintenance, allowing the user to set specific intervals for specific operations and having the PC generate Job Cards and warning reports. Multiple service routines can be kept for listed items allowing an effective system for preventative maintenance control. Detailed action lists can be set-up for each service, allowing complete control of critical operations, in compliance with production, maintenance, quality and safety requirements.

MTsys allows the user to define critical spares, and to control these effectively. The system will allow the user to associate spares to individual pieces of equipment, and to have equipment specifications readily available.

MTsys maintains a complete historical record for each listed item allowing effective reporting and analysis of data for prediction of future performance. The system allows for labour and spare information to be recorded, together with reasons for breakdown and downtime details.

MTsys has excellent reporting capabilities offering financial as well as productivity reporting functionality, with graphical representation of results.

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